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Tea Tasting at Tranquilitea Tea House

Tea in the lounge
Tea Tasting
Tranquilitea Chests

Cups that Cheer - Our gourmet tea tasting experience

Rated by Conde Nast Traveller as amongst the seven best tea experiences in the world, our gourmet tea tasting experience is designed to give you an insight into how specialty teas are made. We invite you to join us at our tea estate in Coonoor to take a sensory journey through the myriad colours, aromas and flavours of specialty Nilgiri teas, followed by a tasting of a range of our gourmet teas considered by many to be amongst the finest teas in the world.  


INR 600 + taxes per person for our tea tasting experience

INR 600 + taxes per person for our high tea

INR 1250 + taxes per person for our private tea tasting experiences

Taxes at 18 %

Other Considerations

  • By Reservation Only - Our tea tasting experiences are strictly by reservation only and is held twice daily at 10:30 am and 04:30 pm.

  • Guests accompanied with children below the age of 8 will need to book a private tea tasting experience in order to avoid any disturbance to other guests.

  • Duration of the tea tasting is 90 minutes.

  • High Tea follows the tea tasting for those who are interested.

Our Reviews

​When Tea is worth an air ticket - Seven best places in the world for tea - Conde Nast Traveller

If you are ever in this neck of the woods, this (Tranquilitea) is highly recommended, come here stay with these wonderful people and enjoy lots of tea. Thanks to the Subramani family at Tranquilitea we have learnt all about Badage cuisine and the fine appreciation of the art of tea loving.

-Mayur and Rocky on NDTV

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