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Excerpts from some of our reviews

Reviews on Tranquilitea Holidays

If you are ever in this neck of the woods, this (Tranquilitea) is highly recommended, come here stay with these wonderful people and enjoy lots of tea. Thanks to the Subramani family at Tranquilitea we have learnt all about Badage cuisine and the fine appreciation of the art of tea loving.
-Mayur and Rocky on NDTV Highway on my plate - 28th November 2010

My own personal favourite (in the region) is Tranquilitea’s Rosery cottage, a cozy two level home with spacious sitting rooms and a fully equipped kitchen below, and one bedroom and a small childrens room up a straight flight of stairs.
-Lalitha Sridhar, Outlook Traveller, August 2010

Tranquilitea’s Tenerife has two rooms with independent entrances in the thoroughly pretty bungalow - the living room uses glass to great effect and overlooks beautiful views on two sides.
-Lalitha Sridhar, Outlook Traveller, August 2010

Tranquilitea’s Tenerife is mentioned as the benchmark in its category for holidaying in the region.
Vaidehi Iyer, Outlook Traveller, June 2010

The bungalows three cozy rooms are very nicely turned out: all antique wood and glass, sloping rooms and fireplaces. Rajan the caretaker doubles up as cook and is happy to serve breakfast at 11:00 a.m if thats what you wish.
-Vaidehi Iyer in the Outlook traveller, May 2009.

Subtlety is the word to describe the heritage house in Ooty. It has three bedrooms each with a fireplace, a drawing room and a living room. Wooden doors and long windows, a raincoat stand in the living room complete with grandfathers umbrella, the chandeliers, plain walls retain an old world charm. 
-K. Jeshi in the Hindu Metroplus Weekend, Chennai, May 10, 2008.

Reviews on Tranquilitea Tea Lounge and Gourmet Teas
Tranquilitea does a special tea tour that comes highly recommended and I am convinced that the 45 minutes ‘Cups that Cheer’ tour is worth every drop and praise. 
- Arun Katiyar in India Today Travel Plus ( Oct 2009)

In the midst of breathtaking beautiful lush green gardens of the Nilgiris, an inspiration flourishes...a tea lounge unique in theme and setting. The alluring aroma of delectable tea, the lingering subtleness that teases your taste buds. An opportunity to acquire the art of tea tasting and a chance to savour an array of is a tea lovers paradise indeed! 
- Gustasp and Jeroo Irani in Hi Blitz (Kingfisher airline inflight magazine, March 2008)

Cut to Tranquilitea Tea Lounge where on a mantelpiece above a fireplace are laid out specimens of various specialty Nilgiri teas. The manager is talking about the exclusive silver tips tea made of unopened leaf buds plucked before daybreak and dried, naturally, in sunlight. We order cups of another rarity-Handmade tea. To our chai blunted taste buds the flavour is so subtle and fleeting its almost not there. Handmade tea tastes nothing like tea but then everyday tea is far removed from this world of tea as a connoisseurs drink. 
- Anjum Hasan in the Outlook Traveller (Jan 2008)

This (Tranquilitea Tea Lounge) is the exclusive preserve of the Nilgiri tea, subtle of flavour and middling in strength. This is not a place where you simply order tea and snacks; here the staff acquaints you with every aspect of tea, taking you on a journey of leaves from the tea bush to the tea cup........At Tranquilitea one unlearns traditional tea making and tea drinking and discovers the pleasures of the beverage anew. 
- Padmaja Kesnur in The Week (Nov 11, 2007)

Having seen how its made, you can taste Nilgiris best at Tranquilitea, a tea lounge nestled in a bowl encircled by blue hills. 
- Padmaja Kesnur in Harmony (May 2007)

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea.” There is no doubt about it. Tranquilitea has introduced us to the higher taste of fine tea and there is no going back to the bad, old ways. 
- Sandhya Mendonca in Exotica (March 2007) 

This is the best place to pick up gift teas of your choice, packed on the spot in Toda embroidered bags, crocheted pouches, teak boxes and other pretty gift containers. 
- Latha Anantharaman in the Outlook Traveller (Jan 2007)

Tranquilitea serves different varieties of perfectly brewed teas in the most scenic environment. 
- Inside Outside (Jan 2007)

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