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Ustad Amjed Ali Khan performs tonight at the Sullivan Court in Ooty.

Its 170 years since the first tea plantations were started in India and there is a great piece about it written about at the link below for those interested in the history of Indian tea.

The Nilgiris has three distinct weather patterns; summer, winter and the monsoon season. The summer months last between April and mid June with a very comfortable climate that rarely goes above 29º C. While summer is a great time to visit for those of you looking to get away from the scorching heat in the rest of the country do be warned that the district can get very crowded with tourists which sometimes takes away from truly enjoying the sights and sounds of the Nilgiris.

The South West monsoon starts to set in towards the second half of June and continues till the end of July. This monsoon mainly affects Ooty with Coonoor and Kotagiri only experiencing spill over showers.

There is a short respite from the rain in August and September. This is a great time to visit the Nilgiris as we have far fewer crowds and the weather is by in large perfect with a few showers here and there.

The North East monsoon starts to set in sometime in October. This monsoon mainly affects Coonoor and Kotagiri with Ooty now receiving only spillover showers. The North East monsoon brings with it torrential rainfall and of late a lot of tourists come in to see this spectacle. There is nothing much you can do but read a book and enjoy the rains. The rains bring with it a special feeling and clears up the air making the views even more gorgeous in the interludes when the sun comes out.

Winter sets in December and goes all the way to mid February. The days are warm and sunny with temperatures generally hovering between 18º C and 21º C but the evenings can get very nippy with night time temperatures between 4º C and 10º C. The weather can sometimes dip below zero but generally isn't noticeable from the comfort of a cozy bed.

Mid February to mid April is a great time once again with temperatures warming up to a pleasant average of about 21º C. This is also a wonderful time to visit where just like in August and September the crowds are far less allowing you to enjoy all that the Nilgiris has to offer.

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