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Gourmet Nilgiri Teas & Boutique Experiential Hotels 

the bungalow in ooty from the outside
Dining Room
Tea in the lounge
Tranquilitea Chests

Our Vision

To offer the finest gourmet teas, hospitality services, experiences and accommodation in the Nilgiris comparable with the finest anywhere in the world.

Experiential Holidays

Why stay in a hotel room when you can have the entire property to yourself. At Tranquilitea we offer privacy and exclusivity at all four of our properties which are spread across the resort towns of Coonoor and Ooty in the Nilgiris. Each of our properties are self contained, fully furnished in teak and rosewood furniture and come with its own team to take care of all your requirements be it arranging for your meals, organising a walk in the woods, a sight seeing tour or whatever else you may fancy. Each of our vacation bungalows, villas and suites have their own bedroom, living room, dining room and a manicured garden so you don't need to share your space with anyone else unlike in a hotel or a resort.

Gourmet Nilgiri Teas

While you are in the Nilgiris come join us for our gourmet tea tasting experience. Held within our tea estate, the experience is designed to take you on a sensory journey through the myriad colours, aromas and flavours of gourmet high grown Nilgiri teas. We invite you to experience first hand what goes in to making some of the worlds finest teas guided personally by us in our tea estate on the slopes of Tenerife Hill in Coonoor.

For those of you who can't make it to our estate we also ship our specialty teas the world over. Do have a look at our catalog for more information on our specialty teas.

About us

We are a family owned enterprise and have been in the forefront of the tea industry in the Nilgiris for four generations. We pioneered the first modern 'Crush, Tear & Curl' factory in the Nilgiris and started the small tea growers movement in the region which today accounts for the vast majority of the tea produced in the Nilgiris. In 2004 we started the first tea house in the region to focus exclusively on gourmet Nilgiri teas. A couple of years later we started our boutique experiential holidays in the region geared towards guests who were looking for an exclusive, bespoke and memorable holiday experience. We welcome you to experience the world of Tranquilitea.

Why Stay With Us

Best Boutique Hotels

We offer the finest collection of the best holiday homes, boutique hotels, home stays, luxury vacation villas and apartments, tea estate and plantation bungalows in Coonoor and Ooty in the Nilgiris

Fully Furnished

Our properties are fully laid out in teak and rosewood furniture. We also own and manage all our properties which means we have a personal interest in ensuring that they are well kept and maintained.

Private & Exclusive

We host only one family at a time at each of our properties and vacant guest rooms are not given out to anyone else during the period of your stay. This ensures you have complete privacy and exclusive use of our property.

Professionally Managed

Our properties are run professionally with the best industry practices and with an emphasis on detail. Our team is headed by a hospitality management graduate from one of the world's best hotel schools. 

Dedicated Teams

We have a dedicated team at each of our properties to take care of all your meals and housekeeping requirements as well as organising any of our exclusive guided activities you may prefer to take part in.

Exclusive Experiences

We offer a wide range of exclusive experiences for our in house guests including bird watching walks, treks, tea tasting experiences and memorable in house dining experiences that you won't find in any guide book.

Reviews on Tranquilitea Gourmet Nilgiri Teas and our Boutique Hotels in Coonoor and Ooty in the Nilgiris

When Tea is worth an air ticket. Seven best places in the world for tea.

- Conde Nast Traveller on our gourmet Tea Tasting Experience at Tranquilitea

Best Home style accommodation in Ooty.

-Outlook Traveller on the 'Bungalow in Ooty

One of ten charming tea estates to stay in India.

-  National Geographic Traveller on the Tranquilitea plantation farm stay in Coonoor

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